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“Manly” knitting February 16, 2009

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In the knitting world there is a phenomenon knows as “the curse”.  Basically, the curse states that if you knit something for your boyfriend, he will dump you.  This luckily is not the moral of this post, but it is why after a year of knitting and three years of dating G I have finally picked up the needles for him.  Besides the dreaded curse,  I avoid knitting things for G because as an architecture student he has an eye for design and is very nit-picky.  But lately with him going to Germany soon for 6 months I’ve been a sucker so I knit him a hat and I finished Raleigh Hills yesterday (Ravelry project link here).  Unfortunately I sent him home with it before I could get a picture, bummer. It came out a bit big, but he said he’d put it in the dryer and I bet it will fit just fine.   So now I’m onto another project for him, I’m knitting the Astrodome hat and scarf in a gray, red and black color scheme (his favorite colors).  I don’t think it’ll look girly in that color scheme, I think it will turn out quite manly.


Is it too late for a New Year’s resolution? February 15, 2009

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I added a page today, entitled “Books Read in 2009”.  Around December I read a lot of blogs where people made goals for the number of books they wanted to read.  I thought about doing that, but I do read a lot as it is so I didn’t know how many books to make a goal versus the number I actually read.  So I’m making a list, almost more for myself although anybody is welcome to look.  Apparently this morning I finished number 7, although I don’t honestly know if I have forgotten any.  I went through a phase in January where I read a bunch of Ann Rinaldi books, which are all middle-school aged books about early American history.  They’re really cute, goofily-romantic, and a fun read.  Thus so far these are conquering my list, but I’m curious to see by the end of the year how my list looks.  I’m predicting it will be mostly young adult/juvenile novels since I do read a lot of things I think my students might read or might like.

In other news, knitting is going slowly.  I got up to the cable paneling on Corona, but then G put in some special orders before he goes to Germany in 3 weeks so I’m at the crown of a Raleigh Hills Hat for him.  I want to make him a scarf and matching hat set too, but I haven’t settled on anything manly.  I may just mail it to him there.