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Reader’s Theater April 19, 2009

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I’m trying to inspire my students in Social Studies, especially the 6th graders who are currently studying Ancient India.  It’s really hard for the students to “get into it” because they’re so unfamiliar with the culture, much less the difficult-to-graspe concept that it all happened thousands of years ago.

How does one deal with this?

Why, with this great FREE resource of reader’s theater:

6th graders are going to start the one on Ancient India tomorrow, 5th graders are going to do Tall Tales.

On a funny note, we make fun of my neighbor for looking like  a lumberjack.  He wears flannels and has crazy red hair and a beard and just has that look.  I asked him to come into my class as Paul Bunyan.  He said he’d love to come in and talk about the market evolution of blah blah blah (history grad student blabber) so I felt I had to uninvite him.  Too bad.