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When the canary sings February 22, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Stephanie @ Finances & Fatigues @ 2:44 pm

Lately, things at work have been less than desirable.  Not with the students or the families, but with coworkers and administration.  One teacher even quit, mid-year, because she couldn’t take it any more.  I may be young, but I’m not stupid, and I know that every work place from Burger King to Microsoft has its own drama so I find myself asking how our drama stacks up against other schools.  Never working at another school myself, I find myself asking the more seasoned teachers.  The teacher who quit is a great teacher, a great person, and was an invaluable mentor, but she is headstrong and opinionated so I wasn’t surprised that she quit.  I felt that her leaving was strongly linked to her personality and not necessarily an indication of our school.  So I decided to use the the old miners’ canary trick.  There is a teacher at my school who is a very sweet lady.  She is the only one with children, two very sweet girls.  All in all, she is a seasoned teacher who has taught at other schools and is very even-tempered.  She is not rash and is diplomatic with her words and actions and is well respected and liked by all.  I chose her to be my canary; when she gets worried about how things are going, then I will know for sure that things aren’t going well.

Unfortunately, my canary is in distress.  I guess only time will tell how much trouble we’re in.


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