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Happy Birthday to me! February 6, 2009

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My birthday is on Tuesday and I’m treating myself to Monday and Tuesday off work!  Yay!  The catch?  I got confused and asked for the wrong days off so I don’t have a sub for Monday.  But I’m sure throughout the whole weekend I’ll be able to find somebody to sub, I have a lot of buddies from my credentialing program so I’m sure something will come through.  If not, the principal said they’d find a way to cover me, she’s pretty good about that.

So how am I celebrating my birthday?  On Saturday night G and I are having a “Happy Birthday to Steph and G, good-bye to G and D” party.  (G’s birthday is Valentine’s Day, on March 3rd he’s leaving to study in Germany,  D is leaving on Sunday to study in China) If it’s not raining, I want to go to the zoo on Monday (I have a pass.)  If it raining, I think I might go to the museum of contemporary art, it’s free to people under 25, and honstly G (my boyfriend) won’t be under 25 much longer!  So might as well use it.

What about Tuesday?  I’m going to… Disneyland!!!  I have a pass and I go all the time, usually with my roommates/best friends who also have passes.  This time though I’m taking my mom as a late Christmas present.  I’m actually really excited to go with her, it’s just nostalgic because all of my childhood memories of Disneyland were of course with her.  Plus since it’s my birthday I’m allowed to eat lots of ice cream and goodies. 🙂  Disneyland has a deal right now that you get in free for your birthday, but since I have a  pass I get that amount in the form of a gift card.

Overall, I’m just really excited for a long weekend and to de-stress and enjoy my special day.

Update: As I wrote this, J text me that she can sub for my class.  That’ll be awesome because she was just there and all the kids loved her.


One Response to “Happy Birthday to me!”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    Happy Birthday! I’d say that Disneyland makes any day special 😉

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