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If you don’t have anything nice to say… January 29, 2009

Filed under: Teaching — Stephanie @ Finances & Fatigues @ 6:18 pm

… don’t say anything at all.  Which is why I’ve been super MIA.  I had a combination of post-holiday blues and back-to-work blues and a nasty cold and I just wasn’t feeling it.  Some stuff went on at work too, and I got a mentor which is sort of good and sort of bad for reasons I may go into in another post.  But overall I’ve got my act much more together this week and I’ve been leaving at a decent time and I just feel better.

So today, after school, we had an assembly about something called the blue ribbon and its all about recognizing people and making a difference.  One of my students “honored” me with the blue ribbon.  I’m not a happy crier, but a bunch of other teachers were crying and I just beamed.  For better or for worse, I love those kids and it’s nice to know that they love me too.


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