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Humbled December 13, 2008

Filed under: Teaching — Stephanie @ Finances & Fatigues @ 3:55 pm

In the past week, a few events passed that made me realize I need to stop grumbling so much about my job.  I don’t dislike teaching, I dislike working.  This is my first year out of the academic world and into the professional world and I guess that transition has been a little hard for me.  If I had to choose any job it would be teaching or writing, but if I had to choose I wouldn’t have a job at all.  Anyways, now that I hopefully cleared that up so nobody thinks I’m a total grinch who hates kids (I love kids, they crack me up all the time) I’ll move on to the valuable morals I learned:

1. A few days ago I read an author interview in the back of Tuck Everlasting.  I forget the question, but the answer was something like being a writer is not a very important job and that in her opinion teachers have the most important jobs.  Needless to say I was overly nice to my students the rest of the day after reading that because I thought, “Wow, my job is important.”

2.  My students daily write in their reading response journal.  They read for half an hour and then write 6 sentences answering a question from a big list I gave them.  This one kid, J,  was writing about a book I’ve never read but apparently the main character had a rough life.  J in his journal went into a long ramble about how this book has made him appreciate the things in his life and has made him think twice before complaining.  Then, always the ham, J turned the question toward me.  “What about you, Ms. S?  Do you find yourself complaining a lot?  Well you shouldn’t because some people have it worse!”  Well that made me feel like a real schmuck and J is right.  In this economy, I should be very appreciative that I have a job.  Even more than that, I have a job very close to my home with a great administration and a big circle of support.

3.  Lastly, Friday was our last day of school for three weeks.  About half of my class brought me a present which of course made me feel loved.  My favorite present was a cake.  I don’t know why, but it strikes me as very funny.  It was just a plain, yellow cake that he made.  It’s sort of a small circular shape and he cut out a star in the middle and filled it with a star cupcake (which he also gave to each kid in the class).  Having a kid bake me a cake definately made me appreciate how awesome my job is.

Teachers rock!


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